A Brief Overview

Back in early 2009 we had a customer one day say and I quote "I have a $2000 guitar, and am currently carrying it in a cheap $50 case. I had that guitar custom made by a local guitar manufacturer and have currently not found a suitable case yet. My question to you is, why do case companies not offer the shell it all out and still stay within budget option?". Well I had only had 1 answer, I don't know, but I do know that man was and is the backing behind our Custom Shop here at J.C. Custom Cases, and some of you may be wondering, "Why the heck do they need a Custom Shop if they are J.C. CUSTOM Cases?", well to us, it's all about the customer, whatever he/she wants he/she should get it, and that's what it's for, for the ultimate in customization, and personalization.

Methods and Options

Here at the Custom Shop are methods are a little different than our other cases.

To start, the people building your case know what they are doing, and take extreme care, pride, and value in their work, and that's what it's about, everything in the Custom Shop is supervised by a 2:1 worker to supervisor ratio, ensuring virtually nothing can go wrong, and everything is exactly perfect. We start with the same shell as all our other series (relative to the correct instrument of course), but then we stray off a little, and the first option we ask in the custom shop is; Tolexed, Swirled, or Figured?

In depth they all are quite different.

Tolexed - wrapped in tolex like they normally are, no extra cost.

Swirled - A process in which the case is painted a base coat, then dipped in a tub of water with a chemical solution and paint, resulting in a swirled effect, and the end result is a stunning piece of art done in a simple procedure.

Figured - In the guitar world there are guitars withe Figured Tops, that may look like flames or quilts or whatever, well we have taken that and put it onto the bottom and top of the case to create another stunning design.

For more info on those scroll down to the Custom Shop Pricing Page.

The next question is the options. Currently we only have a few options for our Custom Shop cases.

Built-in lights - Nobody likes to be in the dark, and we don't think you, or your guitar, should be either.

Mp3 player speakers - Want to practice a little music but don't have any headphones, this option comes in handy in tight pinches.

Combination lock - This option allows for the use of a combination lock to keep your cases security even tighter, and for an extra $2 we'll throw in a combination lock from the leading manufacturer Master Lock.

Ultimate Tolex Selectability - Instead of usual we give you what we have, you give us what you want and we'll find the closest match we can.

8 year Ultimate Warranty - It explains it's self, if your Custom Shop case doesn't last 8 years send it back to us and we'll ensure it'll last another 8.