The History

In late 2008, in the garage of a north Atlanta home, you could hear the saw blades whirring while custom hand made guitar cases where being made for the gratification of a thank you. Over time things changed, but one thing didn't, and that is the fact that, since the start, J.C. Custom Cases have been made by hand and will always stay that way, because it's not just a guitar case, it's your guitar case.


Q-Why should I go with a custom case, rather than some soft case, or a gig bag?

A-Eventually soft cases and gig bags will wear out, rip and tear, and become destroyed beyond use, a J.C. Custom Case is guaranteed to last for 5 years, and if it doesn't we'll replace it, for absolutely no charge to you.

Q-How are your cases classified?

A-Well there are two letters, the first, refers to if it is a Guitar case, or a Bass Case. G and B respectively. The second refers to if it is Generic or Custom. G and C respectively. Ex. GC - Refers to Guitar, and Custom.

Q-How are your cases made?

A-We start with a deep wood shell that holds your guitar, we then place our case foam and form your guitar mold. Wrap it in tolex and velvet, screw the hardware in and voila, a J.C. Custom Case.

Q-Do I have options as far as coverings?

A-We'll personally discuss your case with you to ensure you get exactly what you want, because any other way is just the wrong way.

Q-How much does it cost?

A-Take a look at our Cases, and Case Options pages for prices on cases and extras.

Q-What is your usual turnaround for a case?

A-For our G Series, usually 10-14 days, for our C Series, can be anywhere from 10-21 days, and if we take more than 30 days, the shipping's on us.